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Why do some people forget to leave feedback?

I know this might be a very personal issue.....

But some people can't be bothered to leave you feedback after buying an item. All I have to ask is why? It harms the Seller's score and makes them look worse than they are... I have recently sold items (at a loss after postage I hasten to add) yet some of the Buyers fail to leave any kind of comment (even if it's a negative comment...)
After all it not only helps the Sellers but can also help any Buyers achieve a better rating (Score?) and get an even better Star against their name.

I'm beginning to think it should be mandatory for any Buyer (whatever the Item and it's price) to leave some form of feedback. At the very least this must be considered good manners to accept that someone is trying their best to fulfill their promise to send you the item as they have listed! Plus it gives the Seller the reassurance that the item they have sold you has arrived. That is my main reason for writing this (convoluted) item regarding Sellers and Buyers leaving feedback once an item is sold!

So please, consider the Seller when buying an item and leave feedback!


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