Please read before buying silver cross 3d!

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I bought the silver cross 3D pram in March 2007. I had my eye origionally on the heritage silver cross but thought this would be the best deal as I get the bus alot and I wanted something that would allow me to get on and off easily and that would also fit into the boot of the car. I thought I would share my advice with you before you spend nearly 300 for a brand new one like I did!

Firstly, it does look good - especially when the 3d is in pram mode. Very nice to look at and if you have the white padded 'carry cot' thing in it, it's much better and comfortable for baby (plus it's better than having the car seat attachment - more cosy for baby lying down rather than being bent and in a 'sitting' position all day while you are out- not great for baby's developing back. My personal opinion).

Anyway, the 3d in the pram mode only suited my baby until she was about 4 months old because the carry cot thing is not very big. Although my baby was born 2 weeks early and she was quite small, she became to be very long quite quickly! I was disappointed when she didn't fit in the pram anymore. I had to change the 3d into the buggy and as she was only 4 or 5 months old, she was still too small for that! I had to roll up a small blanket and put that between her legs and the middle strap so she didn't fall out. Lol.

I also found that when my baby was in the pram, the liner thing is very padded and she tended to sweat alot - even though it was winter! I would get her out and her hair would be soaking and so would the liner (carry cot thing). Not good to have a sweating baby in the cold - even if you put less clothes and blankets on.

Now, the buggy part of the 3d. My partner hated pushing this as he is 6'4 and as the handles were far to low, he got an aching back (I'm 5'4 so didn't have the height problem). Also, we found it annoying to push as the handles are VERY rickerty and there is no suspension so the bumps go right through baby. It didn't feel as sturdy as when the buggy was in pram mode. I know this sounds like I'm putting down this silver cross but I have to admit that this was the worse 300 I ever spent because I didn't get to push the pram around properly before buying. Pushing the 3d on a nice smooth and shiny shop floor is not quite like the real thing - no bumps and stones from paths etc so by the time you get the 3d home and out and about, you can't take it back cos' the pram has been used. The wheels get pitted very quickly from stones. 

Getting the 3d on and off the bus was easy enough except the frame seemed to twist and we found it hard to put up and fold down. Considering we spent alot of money on this, it wasn't very good for us (but to some others, it may suit them fine) and we truly believe that we only paid for the name on this occasion. Shame.

I have to say though that I recently bought the pop buggy (in blossom) and that was the opposite.The best 100 I spent! Lol. Very good to push, light weight, easy to get on and off bus and easy to fold down and put back up.

Anyway, I hope this has been useful to you! Don't let me put you off if you really want one. Just wanted to share my experience!


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