PlusGas Formula 'A'

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The professionals' choice in dismantling fluids. - is what the label says, and I am inclined to agree.

Plusgas is a dismantiling lubricant for de-seizing all corroded metal parts. It penetrates deep down to break the grip of rust, scale, carbon, paint or gum. I bought it as I am heavily into car restoration, and after buying a car that had been off the road for 10 years, I found lots of bolts that has rusted so that nothing could shift them.  After hours of sweating with mole grips and pliers, I decided against using the sledge hammer and bought some plusgas formula A after someone reccomended it to me. I have to admit it is one of the most useful things, and has saved my temper many times in the last few weeks. In my opinion it is far better than WD-40, and you dont have to wait hours for it to work into the part you are trying to seperate!
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