Polaroid Z340 Instant Vs. Ricoh GR Digital IV

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Most buyers recognise that selecting between digital cameras is likely to be hard. They find a wide range of choices to sift through and each model differs in its own way. The Polaroid and Ricoh are both good choices for photographers and camera buffs alike. The Polaroid stands out with its high sensor resolution, however the Ricoh gets noticed for its ample screen size.
Polaroid Z340 Instant Ricoh GR Digital IV
Features Polaroid Z340 Instant Ricoh GR Digital IV
Exterior Color Black Black
Screen Technology LCD Not Specified
Screen Diagonal Size 2.7" 3"
Digital Cameras_Sensor Resolution 14.0 MP 10.0 MP
Digital Camera Type Instant Compact
Weight Not Specified 190 gr
Digital Zoom Not Specified 4x

Polaroid Z340 Instant

The Polaroid has a 14 MP camera resolution, so you can capture moments in time with amazing clarity. In addition, you can quickly share your images on the spot with those around you thanks to its 2.7-inch screen size.

Ricoh GR Digital IV

The Ricoh has a 10 MP camera resolution, so you can make photo enlargements without losing detail. Furthermore, you can see comfortably without eyestrain thanks to its 3-inch screen size.

Comparing the Polaroid Z340 Instant Vs Ricoh GR Digital IV

The Polaroid and the Ricoh go head-to-head on features. The Polaroid has a 40% greater sensor resolution, so you can produce better image enlargements with more detail. In contrast, the Ricoh has an 11% larger screen size, so you can glean more details when reviewing your photos. At the end of the day, you won't go wrong with either one.

Buying On eBay

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