Poletricks 101 with Pantera

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This DVD is amazing. It is suitable for beginners to advanced pole dancers. As a beginner you watch in awe and don't expect to ever be as good as Pantera, but I am told that with time some of her tricks will become attainable.

Basically she is incredible, her flexibility and strength are inspiring and she makes the most complicated tricks look easy and graceful. Advanced dancers can learn a lot from Pantera by trying out her tricks and new dancers can learn more basic elements like transitional moves and climbs.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone interested in pole dancing (in terms of strength and tricks to in terms of sleazy club dancing). But bear in mind she is using a brass pole (which is more grippy) and sometimes has it set to spin. Which makes the tricks slightly easier for her to do. But slightly easier is fair enough when you are doing the crazy tricks she is famed for!

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