Polyester Aisle runners

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Aisle Runners UK
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Aisle Runners UK

Getting the right size

When purchasing your aisle runners make sure you get the size you want and not what you dont want, there is no point in purchasing an aisle runner that is 24ft long when your aisle is only 19ft long, When you purchase an aisle runner from us we make sure you get the size you want and not what you dont want, ALL runners are made to order. Paper runners rip easily, plastic runners can be very slippy, we make 100% polyester aisle runners that will last for many years to come, you may also want your family to also use the aisle runners when its their turn to get married. You can also have your aisle runner printed on, this makes it personal to you depending on what you have printed. so when choosing your aisle runner make sure it's one that will last longer, be durable and if wanted be able to be used again for your family. We have over 30 colours to choose from so we are sure we can make one to match your colour theme not just white or ivory. So when choosing your runner make sure you make the right choice, get what you need and not what you dont need
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