Pony Cart Buying Guide

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Pony Cart Buying Guide

It used to be, people could only get around using horses and horse-drawn carts and carriages, but in the modern world, people use cars, trucks, bikes, and other methods of transportation. However, there are still instances when a pony cart is a good means of getting around, such as in places where options are limited or roads are too rough or narrow. Before making such a purchase, buyers should first learn what they can about buying pony carts.


Types of Pony Carts

The first step to buying a pony cart is to determine which type best suits the buyer's needs or wants. Pony carts can come in single or team models. As the name implies, single models are meant for one pony and team models are for two or more ponies to pull. Aside from these two main types, there are other ways to categorise carriages. There are pleasure models, which are meant for taking leisurely strolls, similar to those horse-drawn carriages in parks. There are also special show or competition models. These may show a lot of flair and design, like carts made to look like old mail carriers and stagecoaches. Work models, on the other hand, are much simpler and usually have space in the back for cargo.


Sizing a Pony Cart

An important step in buying a pony cart is the buying the right size. If the carriage is too big or too heavy, it might hurt the animal. If it's too small, then the rider may not be able to maximise the wagon for use. To determine the correct size, the buyer should start by measuring the pony's height, starting from the ground up to the animal's withers. Next, measure the cart from the ground to the shaft. Basically, the pony's height up to the bottom of its hindquarters should be the same as the cart's height up to the shafts. Another important consideration is weight. An adult pony should be able to pull twice its own weight, plus the driver and passengers.


Additional Accessories

Aside from the cart itself, there are other accessories the owner should have before attempting to put a cart on a pony. For one thing, the pony should be in a harness for its own safety and so the driver can attach it to the cart. A carriage lamp is necessary for those who want to drive at night. A driving whip comes in different types and sizes, so buyers should carefully consider what they need and which type their ponies would best respond to. Some people may also want to dress their horses with special horsewear and saddle pad liners to protect the horse from sores.

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