Pony Cart Wheel Buying Guide

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Pony Cart Wheel Buying Guide

Gearing up a pony cart in the proper manner is imperative for driver safety and horse comfort. If it is time to purchase new pony cart wheels there are several things that you need to consider. Chief amongst those considerations is whether you plan to put the new wheels on a competition cart, a training cart, or one that is just for fun and transportation.


All Terrain Pony Cart Wheels

If you drive your pony cart around the countryside, across paddocks, and on old dirt roads for exercise and training, all terrain wheels are a good solution. Manufactured of steel or aluminium alloys, all terrain wheels have rubber soles for a more comfortable ride. Less likely to puncture due to sturdy construction, all terrain wheels are easy to fit and reasonably lightweight. Manufactured in several sizes to fit pony or horse carts, these wheels work well in the ring as well as off the road.


Road Wheels

Road wheels work for the pony cart that spends most of its time on bitumen. With pneumatic tyres, the wheels provide comfort for both the driver and the pony as they manoeuver easily. Designed to look traditional or modern, road wheels keep both you and your pony moving along with ease. Flat rubber road wheels are those made of wood or another product and have a bead of rubber along the bottom of the wheel. They are less comfortable than pneumatic tyres but still afford ease of movement and control.


Wooden Pony Cart Wheels

Wooden wheels are traditional and look good on vintage and reproduction carts, but they have drawbacks. Wood swells in humid or wet conditions, which could become problematic while driving. The spokes are likely to break or bend. In addition, wooden wagon wheels need a great deal of care and maintenance. You need to stain the wood and varnish or paint it in order to keep water and infestation from the wood. It is possible to locate original vintage cart wheels for a traditional cart; however, you should have them checked by a specialist before attaching them to your pony or horse cart.


Examining and Fitting Pony Cart Wheels

Before purchasing any pony cart wheels, it is a good idea to take a careful look at them. If the wheel are previously owned, you want to make sure they are straight and without bends in the spokes, missing spokes, or uneven wear. The wheels should fit the cart without leaving the cart either too high or low. If you sit too high on the seat, the cart could become a tipping hazard. If the tyres are too small, proper control of the pony may not be easy. Measure the cart with the pony attached before deciding on the size of the wheels to be sure you purchase the correct size for proper driving.

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