Poorly Described Cars onEBAY by 16oot02

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I have just driven and picked up what must be the most innacuratly described car ever!!  The car was described as being "lovely" "having few chips" "a couple of car park dings" and as having a "faulty door lock".  I finally arrived 100 miles later at the house and there on the drive was the car.  I started to look at the car.  Most panels are different colours, the door lock had been punctured by a screw driver and the car had no less than 11 dings and over 50 stone chips! I even asked on email to have an accurate description of the car and asked it to be honest as i was aware used cars are used and expected marks but 16oot02 said it was all "lovely" and "fine"  What made it all worse was no spare wheel, no remote central locking key, huge wheel vibration etc etc.  Also to top it off 16oot02 left his poor wife to deal with it all while he hid out of the way leaving me with no option but to take the car!!  So the point of my guide is aviod 16oot02's cars like the plague and also go see the cars before leaving deposits.  It will save alot of problems.  And if like me you do get court go to consumer directs website lodge a claim and they will give you all the legal help to get compensation for rogue descriptions and the breaking of the trade descriptions act and sales of goods act!
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