Pop Art Limited Edition Modern Prints Buying Guide

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Pop Art Limited Edition Modern Prints Buying Guide

Pop art is a modern art movement that began in the late 1950s. It uses imagery and themes from popular culture and changes them to make an alternate meaning of commercialism. Among the popular artists of the time include Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol. Inspirations for pieces were taken from aspects of everyday life and the commercialisation of the 20th century, particularly consumerism in the United States. Pop art did all it could to celebrate ideas that were both familiar and abstract during the time period.

Pop art introduced mainstream audiences to the art world in ways that were not fathomable in pre-1950s Britain. The advent of prints has allowed the influence of the genre to grow as everyone is now in a position to own their own slice of Pop art. Once familiar with the history of Pop art shoppers will want to enter the world of modern limited edition art prints and for such eBay is the place to go.

Pop Artists

Pop art is alive and well in the modern day with new artists offering their take on the colour driven genre. Buying artwork from modern pop artists at an early stage in their career can be a genuine investment. As an artist furthers their outreach and notoriety around the globe, original investors can reap the rewards of their fame.

Some well-known pop artists can be found on the list below (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Mr Brainwash
  • Jimi Jugio
  • C215
  • AME72
  •  Pure Evil
  • Trafford Parsons
  • Mike Edwards
  • Hybrid
  • Hutch
  • Zeus

Now as you can tell many artists of the Pop art genre use aliases instead of their real names. This adds a sense of mystery to their work. Reputable sellers sell their work with documentation and certificates of authenticity; this ensures that buyers are in fact purchasing a genuine print issued by the artist. eBay has sellers that are specialists in the field of limited edition modern pop art prints and deliver a high quality and reputable service.

Price of the Artwork

The term limited edition has certain connotations as many associate it with expense. In some instances that term is true but it is all dependent on the size of the print and who it is created by.

For those looking to start a collection or buy a one off piece, looking at work by an artist who is new to the field is advised. Their work is generally more affordable and buyers can pick up limited edition prints for under £100.

  • At the other end of the scale there are modern limited edition pop art prints that can fetch a high price tag.
  • When an artist is known to be reaching the peak of their popularity, prints issued by them escalate in price dramatically.
  • It is not surprising to see certain limited edition pop art prints fetch thousands in an online auction environment.

Sellers have been known to mislead buyers when it comes to the term limited edition. In order to shift unwanted stock they will label certain prints as such even though they are not. Shoppers should be sure that what they are buying is actually limited edition. A good rule to stick to would be to buy prints that have been produced in numbers of 200 or less.

Artwork Condition

eBay is a tremendous place to look for modern pop art prints because it is one of the few places to offer both used and new variations. When purchasing new prints they should come wrapped in paper or plastic with a full receipt. It should also come with documentation that confirms its authenticity. Even though new prints will be the preferred choice for most buying used is also a viable option. However when choosing to buy used, shoppers need to be more observant and look out for the following:

  • Scratches – The littlest of all evils when it comes to canvas damage. They happen when a print comes in contact with a sharp surface.
  • Tears – Small tears can be repaired however large tears are a different story. When the latter occurs, it usually means that the canvas is no longer of any use. It is difficult to tear canvas so if such happens the print must have been quite poorly handled.
  • Stains – Canvas is an absorbent surface so if marked it is usually permanent. Print cleaning and restoration services are available but even then the piece will never return to its original quality.

When buying any form of art, quality is key, so looking out for damage should become second nature to shoppers. Question sellers on how a print has been stored before committing to a purchase. Ask them to send through additional photos (preferably close ups) in order to spot any blemishes.

How to Store your Artwork

Works of pop art are truly a sight to behold, but in print form they are susceptible to time, age and general wear. However there are steps that buyers can take to help preserve their longevity.

  • Store prints flat and never roll them up.
  • Use a specialised filing cabinet that is big enough to store canvases of all sizes.
  • Store prints horizontally.
  • Always handle prints with cotton gloves.
  • Separate prints while in a storage drawer.
  • Use backing boards in order to keep prints flat.
  • Keep them in Mylar sleeves.
  • Keep them in a room that maintains a temperature between 10 and 27 degrees.

Most people who buy limited edition pop art prints do not take storage into consideration.

  • Prints can be fragile and when exposed to light, heat and humidity are at risk of permanent damage.
  • It’s pivotal that they are stored in the correct environment to minimise physical and environmental damage.
  • Always handle prints with care to avoid accidental damage.
  • Read manufacturers instructions before using a storage utility as if used incorrectly it can cause more harm than good.

Buyers who underestimate the importance of storage are risking damaging their limited edition pop art prints permanently. When purchasing pop art prints take time to research and invest in the correct forms of storage. eBay has buyers covered when it comes to storage solutions and their trusted sellers are always on hand to offer advice.

How to Buy Limited Edition Modern Pop Art Prints on eBay

The evolution of pop art has been ever continuing since the 1960s and artists of today are taking it to a new direction while sticking to its respected traditions. They are versatile in look and have distinct features that can make it the prominent talking point of any room.

  • In order to find pop art prints locate the collectables and antiques category and the art sub category.
  • From there click on prints, modern and finally limited edition. Buyers will then be able to see all live auctions.
  • If buyers have a set artist in mind they can use the search function at the top of the page.
  • Shoppers can use advanced search options to narrow down the results.

eBay Shops

Art dealers and artists have taken to eBay shops in order to sell limited edition modern pop art prints. In order to find eBay shops click on the eBay shops link located at the bottom of the home page. Art prints can be delicate so expect some prints to command a higher than average delivery price. Due to the variety of canvas sizes expect large prints to be unavailable for delivery and be listed as “collection only”. Purchasing prints from abroad is another option to shoppers. This process may incur customs charges and such should be taken into consideration prior to purchase.

Completing a Purchase

Once shoppers have located a modern pop art print that they wish to buy they’ll need to do one of the following.

  • Place a Bid
  • Make a Best Offer
  • Buy it Now

When an auction has concluded, the winning bidder will be required to complete the checkout process. Using PayPal to do this means that buyers will be protected by the buyer protection program. This is useful when dealing with art prints as it means your order is covered should any issues arise.


The importance of pop art is often understated because of its mainstream exposure. However it shouldn’t be solely judged on this. Pop art was an interesting and at times bizarre development in art history. Those attempting it were and still are producing work that stands out for being unique. It has made pop art prints must have items and in limited edition terms much more so.

Pop art has always been at the forefront of British culture and with more artists undertaking the painting style it is set to stay that way. Buying limited edition prints has become an alternative way to obtain art for the home whilst ensuring that buyers have an item with future resale potential.

There are a large variety of options online suiting all budgets. It does not matter whether you have £5 or £500 to spend; eBay has options that mean you will find an affordable piece to suit your tastes.

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