Portable External Hard Drive VS Desktop External Hard Drive

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There are many reasons as to why you may want to purchase a portable hard drive compared to a desktop 3.5 hard drive.
The reasons include:

No External Power Source
Portable external hard drives require no additional power source to use them, unlike a desktop hard drive.
The power is from the USB port and the USB lead is usually a lot thinner and compact too than that of a external 3.5 desktop hard drive. Portable hard drives are often a lot quieter and generate less noise than desktop hard drive equivalents

Portable hard drives are small enough to be transported around from place to place and many even fit in your pocket which is great for accessing and saving your files to and from it

File Sharing
You are able to save larger files to them that you can rather than using a usb pen drive or from a zip drive/floppy disk which are also easier to damage.

Portable hard drives are much smaller in physical size than desktop hard drives and are often more reliable

We sell portable usb external hard drives in many sizes including:
40gb, 60gb,80gb,120gb,160gb,250gb,320gb,500gb,640gb,750gb and 1TB

The direct link to our current range is:

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