Portable Speaker Buying Guide

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Portable speaker systems are incredibly handy, especially when it comes to tailgating. The compact systems allow users to listen to music virtually anywhere, with or without an internet connection; this is great for users who spend a lot of time tailgating in parking lots. There is a variety of portable speakers, each with different features and styles. Before making a purchase, buyers should familiarize themselves with the most common features and styles available.

Common Features to Consider

Today's portable speakers have a variety of different features, each with its own notable characteristic. Depending on intended usage, buyers may want to look for systems that feature Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, wireless capabilities, and speaker size. Additionally, buyers may want to look for systems that feature specific connectivity or audio options.

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth is a very common thing found in today's devices. The relatively new technology allows users to stream music to the speakers from a variety of devices, without wires. This is very nice, especially for those who dislike wires. Portable Bluetooth speakers are very handy when it comes to camping, tailgating, or other outdoor events.

Charging Capacity

Many different features are available in portable speaker systems. The more features the system has, the more likely it is that it will lose its charge and die quicker. Because of this, it is important to look into a system that has a large charging capacity. It is also a good idea to look for systems that have a backup rechargeable battery or wires; that way the system can always be in use. It may also be wise to look at systems that offer charging via car outlets or USB ports.

Speaker Size

Speaker size may make in difference for some buyers. Some people may prefer larger speakers, while others prefer smaller speakers. Before making a purchase, buyers should look at the different sizes of speakers available on each system. They may also want to look into systems that offer large sound in a small size, as well as the sound quality.

Sound Quality

Portable speakers are notorious for poor sound quality. However, today's models often have the sound quality of built-in or larger speakers. Buyers that are concerned with the sound quality should look into high fidelity systems, as they often have a better sound quality; these systems also reduce the static and distortion.


A very important thing to look at in portable speaker systems is their compatibility. After all, you want a speaker that is compatible with all of your devices. Because of this, it is important to look at exactly what devices can connect to the system; be sure to look at wireless and wired connection options. This will ensure you purchase a system that works with all the devices you own.

Additional Features

There are many other features buyers should consider when purchasing a portable speaker system. Take note of these features before making a final purchasing decision.

Optional Feature

- Description


-Increase functionality with tablets, computers, MP3 players, and smartphones

-Allows devices to play music wirelessly

-Wireless capability

-Functions without power cords

-Battery is rechargeable

-Built-in battery

-Functions without power cords

-Battery is rechargeable

-Satellite functionality

-Ability to play satellite radio through docked devices

-Micro SD carb capability

-Ability to store and play music through Micro SD cards

These features are not the only ones available on portable speaker systems, but they are the most popular. Some systems may come equipped with one or all of the features listed above. Buyers should look at the list and determine what is important before making a final purchase. It is also a good idea to look at portable speaker accessories, before making a final decision.

How to Buy Portable Speakers on eBay

Reliable sellers on eBay offer a wealth of portable speaker systems. If you are looking for a system for your next tailgating event, simply type "portable speakers" into the search bar found on any eBay webpage and press the search button. To narrow down results add additional key phrases into the original phrase. For example, you can type "Sony portable speaker" if you know that you want a Sony brand speaker system. Once the search results display, use the filter function to narrow the results to your liking.
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