Position is everything ....when locating a wall mirror

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A quality well placed mirror can bring light and a feeling of extra space into your home .

A strategically placed mirror can give the illusion of doubling the length or width of a room whether in a home or work space.  However, remember that it not only doubles the space but doubles the items seen within the mirror.  Avoid ‘clutter’ as your carefully planned interior design will be lost in the jumble. So consider what the key objects are that you would want to draw attention to in the room such as a painting or piece of sculpture and avoid reflections of anything you wish would disappear! 

A carefully chosen bevelled glass mirror can transform the space as it refracts and almost increases the intensity of the light with its jewelled rainbows coming from the bevelled edges .   To brighten a room let as much natural light as possible in and use mirrors to distribute the light around the room. 

A bevelled glass mirror with an adequate and appropriate light source will sparkle and brighten your room. 

If there is a lack of natural light large mirrors can be extremely helpful when linked with an appropriate artificial light source.  This can be indeed be invaluable when windows are at a premium.  In some cases mirrors can be dressed with curtains to give the effect of a window opening.

Positioning mirrors opposite windows can give interesting illusions however beware it can be a little overpowering and you should consider what effects you are after before committing to this.  Wherever possible try to avoid sunlight falling directly on to the mirror as this can cause uncomfortable and annoying reflections.


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