Positive feedback may not always be as it seems.

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I'm just warning people who are not aware of this scam, to be extra vigilant when making purchases on ebay.  It appears that some traders/sellers are buying & selling positive feedback for 1p, when people are making purchases with these sellers, they just assume that the seller is reputable, as they have a high positive feedback rating.  The benefit to this is that the item description will disappear after a few months but the positive feedback will remain, hence the seller looking reputable.  A lot of people are getting ripped off by con merchants selling rubbish, but due to the positive feedback out-weighing the bad, people continue to purchase with these sellers, an example of this is MCdirectdeals, the items this guy is selling are of poor quality, but the poor feedback he is receiving is being swallowed up by the positive feedback gained from the many 1p items he is buying & selling.  I believe this is an unfair way of gaining positive feedback & i believe ebay should try & stop this from going on.  Usually the items are ebooks, pictures, or whatever rubbish people can sell for 1p.  Whether you believe this is good advice or not, i just suggest that you always check the item descriptions (if you don't already of course!!) if the seller has a lot of 1p items they have purchased or sold, avoid buying from the seller.  For a good example of this, i suggest you check MCDirectdeals & look back at a few pages of his feedback.


If this stops even 1 person from getting ripped off by some of the muppets on here it'll be a result!!


Thanks for reading!!

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