Positive feedback why does it have to be earned?

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It very much seems to me that some sellers and by that i would say around 50% of those that i have personally purchased from do not leave positive feedback straight away once they have been paid. To Date (08.08.14) this figure is still unchanged.

This leaves me to wonder is their service all it is made out to be? Or is this just another way to force you into leaving positive feedback for them even when the service has not been that good. For example you leave me bad feedback I will leave you a negative comment, Tit for tat. So you don't bother, the rest of the Ebay community are none the wiser and the bad seller gets away with it to do it all over again to another unsuspecting customer.

I do think this kind of tactic is ruining Ebay for all those Good sellers out there.

I personally leave feedback straight away for every sale that i make, as soon as payment has been received (after all you wouldn't go into a shop pay for your item and walk out without at least the person selling you the item saying Thank you, if they didn't i don't think you would go back again.)

Or would you? well it apears many people do on Ebay, so why do they do it?

I think its about time that buyers started to receive feedback straight away once Payment has been made, that way the seller must provide the highest standards at all times. I have heard it all before from "well i know when you have received your item when you leave feedback for me" to "I do not want someone to leave negative feedback when i have done nothing wrong" and a thousand other reasons as to why they have not left feedback when i have paid, have i not upheld my part of the transaction? by paying for the item and giving them my trust?

If you have done nothing wrong you can discuss the matter with your customer and sort it out. IT'S CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE.

And before all you Sellers out there come back at me with negative comments. I am a SELLER and have been for the last 13 years and in that time i have received 3 negative feedback in over 25000 tranactions and received an apology from one buyer when they realised what they had done (this was in the days before you could retract negative feedback).

I would love to hear your views and maybe someone at Ebay may just look at this and start to think. Food for thought maybe?

All My very best to you


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