Positive/negative feedback

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I would just like to encourage bidders to check sellers' feedback scores before bidding, for reason that it is easy to have a false sense of security about high scores. Having sold on Ebay for about 18 months, I suppose I got a bit blase! Anyway I bought something without checking the seller's feedback score - after all, 97.5 seemed quite high to me. When you think about it, a score like 97.5 means that 5 people in 200 were dissatisfied for one reason or another. That's not unreasonable, but 97.5 when the seller has turned over more than 10,000 items is a bit different - 250 of those customers were not satisfied. There may not be a problem, but it's worth checking - for instance, is the seller normally reliable, but with periods of negative feedback? Or perhaps the negative feedback is more regular - an odd negative dropped into two or three pages of positives?

 Whether you bid or not is your personal decision, but if I had thought to check out seller feedback, I would not have bid on the item that I have not received four weeks after being the winning bidder.

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