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What is a post processor?
In the past post processing was considered the mere translation between computer-aided manufacture (CAM) and numerically controlled machines (e.g. CNC) reading the manufacturing instructions (e.g. toolpaths) and converting that data into the appropriate code for the software running the machine to be able read and follow. Today post processing has evolved to include a range of optimisation functions and tools to ensure the code output is the most efficient and productive for the specific machine control software.

VCarve Pro 8.5 
In VCarve Pro 8.5 from the 'Toolpaths' popout toolbar (top right) tick the toolpaths you wish to save from the 'Toolpath List' by clicking the relevant tick boxes next to each operation. Click the 'Save Toolpath' button below the 'Toolpath List'. On the next screen select the 'Mach2/3 Arcs (mm) (*.txt)' option from the 'Post Processor' drop down list (shown below). Press the 'Save Toolpath(s) to File' button and save your GCODE which will now be optimised for Mach3. 


Specific settings
We supply Mach3 control software for all our 4x4, 8x4 and 10x5 CNC machine packages. All our parallel port controllers are set up to be easily configured for use with Mach3 (EMC2 and others can be used however we do not support this at present) therefore all code exported from CAM software should be optimised for Mach3. 
Our "LITE" and "A" range of CNC Machines are controlled by USB, these CNC packages are supplied with a Laptop / NoteBook preloaded with our machine control software, all design software is exported to the NoteBook


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