Postage And Packaging Fees!

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I, occasionally sell some items on E-Bay and on the whole have enjoyed the experience. However I recently got a negative feedback from an E-Bayer who did not seem to understand the P&P prices. I do see on many occasions sellers over pricing P&P prices to increase their income. Is that wrong I don't know but what I do know is if you do not like the P&P price do not bid.......its that simple. To get an Idea of how much P&P prices are for an Item you are buying/selling take a look at other similar Auctions selling your Item and judge for yourself.

The problem I had with getting negative feedback for an Item I sold is that it cost me a small fortune in actually packaging the Item. The box, voidfill, bubble wrap, ink for writing the address for example. Is it wrong to inflate your P&P price a little to compensate this?

P&P means Postage and Packaging so therefore P&P charges include both the price of posting, handling and the materials used in this process.

I agree that some P&P prices are ridiculous so if you are not at all happy with it then do not bid.

So to all you buyers whom consider leaving sellers negative feedback for a little extra charge to P&P thats actually printed or in stamps on the purchase  please remember this and use some common sense.(Except for the Buy It Now for 1p and £50.00 P&P price! LOL) Not all sellers are out to sting you!

Sellers if you agree please vote yes.

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