Postage And Packaging Guide By Dave Meadows

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Postage And Packaging Guide

By Dave Meadows

Postage And Packaging

Thank you for looking at one of my guides.

This guide is for Postage And Packaging only. The guide is written by mysel to guide you in the use of postage and packaging outside of my website and for Ebay use.

You will find this guide very usefull in its use with the Ebay trading community. This guide will also help you in navigating my own website in thought of purchasing items for Hobby interest use for your self as an adult or as part of a family hobbyist.

The postage and packaging for all my hobby items and computer items is also the same for my plumbing and electrical installation items. The postage and packaging for this is in guidance with my trading terms and conditions and these can be sent to you by left-clicking the email link below and in-putting Terms And Conditions of trade in the message subject line of your email.

Unfortunately I can not put a link to my e-mail address. You can easily contact me by viewing one of my listings and retrieving the link from the listing contact information.

Unfortunately, outside of these terms and conditions you will not be able to purchase from myself with the trading products in the auction. This guide is written in reference to the law and can be confirmed through several business representations outside of any business, trading group and company.

The basic carrier for all posted items is Royail Mail. There website can be viewed under there agreement at the following website address;-

This is provided by Ebay.

Or by contacting myself

The postage costs currently provided by the Royail mail in the uk is determined by law under several trading agreements and trading standards. As a trading business I do not hold any agreements with this carrier service and will not be able to change any agreements for the customers using the mail service through my trading activity.

This will be the agreement of yourself and your contact with the carrier service will be seperate to any contact i may currently with the carrier service at the time.

There are several postage options available for use on the Ebay trading community and a number of them are provided in this guide.

The first option for carrier postage cost is in thought of they main designation of the Ebay trading community and is for the personal auction user who is looking for low-cost items for trade and not retail representations of that trade. This has been used in auctions for decades.

This postage charge is in thought of the light administration of this and will cover small packaging costs with the purchase charge for postage being the weight of the item.

The second postage charge is for business trading through auction. The auction trading is completely seperate to a retail trade and trading trade. An auction price that is designated on auction is under a completly seperate law term to that of a retail trading shop and this must be viewed with consideration by the purchaser of the auction item.

With the cost of postage and packaging the total payment of all auctions listed for auction value items should not be in reference to a retail value item. This is in thought of myself and would coincide with other users of the Ebay auction trading community.

There are several factors to a trading business postage and packaging cost and this will be provided by myself in this guide.

The first cost in postage is the considered weigth of the auction item by the carrier service. The auction item is then further determined for carriage by the item discription.

The second factor in this would be the packaging and the individual parcels being sent. Each parcel would require an equal amount of packaging to its smaller self because of its size, weight and mass. This second factor in postage cost is further seperated into the amount of added weight the parcel would hold with an equal amount of packaging.

This can be provided with a third postage factor. This is provided by applying the individual packaging suppliers to the cost of the packaging itself. This may cause the postage to remain the normal standard postage cost, or this may increase the postage cost through the added faction. This should only be a temporary increase if the supplyer is a continuos supplyer and is currently out of stock. For this reason the postage cost will change continously and in a random thought with the packaging supplyer.

This packaging weight is added to the delivery cost as part of the postage standardization for the easy transportation of all parcels through its designated carrier.

The auction price for an item for business trade includes the designated trading price and business trade charge for postage and packaging. The administration of this is further advanced from basic trading and requires more resources to use.

This postage charge is seperated from the basic personal auction buyer and is listed as a business postage charge in all my currently listed auctions. The business postage charge covers several factors in the equation of business postal use that toals an equal amount of cost.

Postage Weight


Packaging Suppliers

Postage Administration expenses.

Postage weight

Postage Carrier

This is the basic postage weight of the item and requires the basic cost for the weight of the parcel by the carrier.


This is a seperate cost from the postage weight cost and requires a seperate cost provided by the carrier business. These prices may be differenct with individual suppliers and this may be seen in an increase of packaging costs. The administration of packaging is carefully considered under a seperate law to the consideration of the weight of postage provided by the law as a guidance.

The packing for all products must be managed carefully so the item is not damaged. I will not send items under any carrier that is not packaged well to prevent damage to the items contained within.  This packaging will increase the basic weight of your parcel and will require added cost to the amount of the parcel weight.

Packaging Suppliers


Postage And Packing Administration

The packaging itself will also require an increase in postage in thought of any damage the packaging may suffer through the carrier that causes the damage of any goods supplied. This is used for the administration by myself to notify the carrier that a payment is required for the neglegent use of the parcel in transit.

The basic term of postage for all my items is individual postage costs for items purchased through trade. To be provided with further enjoyment through auction trading you will require the purchase of  auction value items that are not auction value items at a retail trading price. These can be combined in the same carrier parcel as the small postage cost.

The larger items individually purchased for auction value items are managed differently and will require the seperate combined postage cost for larger auction items. The maximum number of this is a combined number of 4.

I will add further guidance through this auction value trading which is not my retail value trading. This is applied under a seperate term and condition and will need to be applied for seperate to this guide.

Dave Meadows

This guide will be updated soon



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