Postage Costs - What is fair?

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We are a business that believe in fair postage costs, there is an understanding on Ebay that postage will be charged for most items and all buyers apreciate this however, Ebay seems to have gone postage crazy there are sellers charging £3.00 for postage that is only going to cost, 45p for a stamp, 35p for an envelope and 10p for a little tissue paper. I understand the need to charge for all these things but a fair pricing system for postage is best. If you are planning to sell items keep your postage simple, work out what it will cost you - scales and royal mail dot com will help. Offer a postal discount if buyers shop with you more often, this will really help buyers to trust you and if you can set a maximum postage amount. Most large carrying companies offer up to 35kg for as little as £10. If you can send your items via express delivery offer it, a 24 hour delivery service always pleases customers who want it now.


Packaging is also important, if the item is breakable wrap it well and if it's miserable weather add a plastic sheet under paper to protect the item. There is nothing worse than receiving a package off Ebay only to find the paper has gotten wet and the item is marked, this can be avoided with something as simple as a carrierbag wrapped round and taped shut.


We are new to Ebay as a business but as buyers we have been on here for five years and we have paid expensive postage before now and been so dissapointed with the quality of packaging and the actual postage cost, but we have also bought items and been thrilled with the honest pricing and multi purchase discounts to make us realise that is what we were going to do when our business was ready to start one Ebay.

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