Postage Feedback Problem

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I have noticed that may peoples overall feedback score is still very much tainted following the Royal Mail strikes and the bad weather.

Some ebay members must live on a different planet and assume that a postal strike and bad weather will not affect the delivery of items and therefore they leave less than 5 stars for postage dispatch time.  I know that ebay temporarily removed the postage dispatch option when leaving feedback, but it took some time and for people selling items, especially businesses who sell a great deal of items daily, and it has greatly affected their overall score for the stars.

I purchased items over the strike and bad weather periods and i understood that some people could not post the items for at least a week after i paid, however some people did not understand the problem.  If the weather is so poor that people are advised not to go out and if the airports cancelled all or most of their flights then surely that is enough evidence to show that it is almost impossible for items to be posted.  Even if somebody is lucky enough to be able to get out and put a letter in the post box, it does not mean that it is safe enough for the post van to pick up the item and take it to the sorting office.

A similar problem with postage and feedback is that the date on the item shows when the item was posted and therefore any time after that date, it is not the sellers fault if it is not delivered in time, it is the postal services fault.  I post most items first class Royal Mail and that used to mean delivery in 1-2 days, but these days it could mean 5 days.  It is unfair for people to leave less than 5 stars for postage if the date on the item shows that it was posted as soon as it was paid for. 

Some ebay members need to realize that strikes and bad weather affects everyone, even sellers, and therefore the feedback should not reflect things that are out of the sellers hands.

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