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Hello to you all in E-Bay land

I would like to approach the subject of postage and packing. It seems that the majority of sellers get close to what it really should cost to send off your auction item, however it seems that there are some people out there who are milking this facilty. . .

If you sell on a regular basis, a few pounds spent on a set of postage scales would be well in order. Couple the scales with the freely available postage guide found at your local Post Office.

It is well documented that people make "a little bit" out of the packing side and many people don't begrudge this, but the sellers who flout this ought to be ashamed.

They are either very naive or just plain arrogant!  They are ripping people off, it really isn't on. It angers me that people want to charge a distorted price for something that clearly doesn't need it.

However, a seemingly high P & P may be acceptable when the seller has himself paid to ship the item from abroad in the first place. Don't be afraid to contact the seller if you are concerned about a highP & P charge. Ask for postage discount if you are buying multiple items from the same seller.

A high postage cost may be in place to offset PayPal and listing fees. Courier fees for heavy items can be quite pricey.

Check the item listing, the seller may be offering alternative lower cost postage options.

I hope some of you out there read this and can empathise with this, and if you are one of the people charging way over the odds  ...Take heed..its not very nice,,, people will not buy from you out of principle...

And remember many new E-bayers will not know the difference until they get on a bit with the system..

Please think about what you are charging for P+P...Make Ebay a nicer expirence.

Personally, after weighing and checking my sale items, I always use 1st class recorded delivery for the following reasons:

1) There is none of this "I never received the item" because the recipient has to sign for it.

2) The sender also has proof of postage.

3) In the event of a genuine loss in the postal system, the item will be insured. For example, should the recipients address be defaced in some way, the senders address is recorded on the package. So no-one loses out! It gives both parties peace of mind. Good comms after the transaction from the seller also enhances the buyers peace of mind.



If this guide was useful to you, please feel free to say so . . .thanks.

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