Postage & Packing

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This isn't really a guide it is more of a moan! Firstly on ebay if you put something up for sale you have to pay your seller's fees like Listing/Photo Images and then your Final Item Fee if you manage to sell it. If you use Paypal you also have fees there when your item sells. Then of course we come to the dreaded POSTAGE & PACKING charges and then unfortunately that is where the problem starts. People often forget that firstly you have the cost of the postage; but then on top you have the packing (and handling) of the item. I send all my items Insured, Trackable & Signed For. This way if anything get's lost in the post worldwide the Seller & Buyer can try and track it down; find a signature or if lost, claim on the Insurance. I expect anything I order in the post to be well-packed and wrapped so that it survive's the Postal System but will also reach me in perfect condition - If I expect that myself I then expect to provide that service to anybody I sell to. When I offer well-packed and wrapped items to customers they all moan - What's the betting that if it was damaged they would also moan. When I offer Insurance, Tracking & Signed For to customers they all moan - What's the betting that if it disappeared in the Post they would all moan and want a refund. I know of some seller's who don't send items for weeks - As soon as I have received my Paypal payment the item is on it's way in the Post. So you have Packing: Cardboard, paper, envelopes, sticky tape, brown parcel tape, bubble wrap, fragile tape, polyfoam packing beads, blank paper stickers of various sizes, sticky DOCUMENTS pouches, A4 plastic sleeves, team bags, top loaders and so on and strangely enough when you go to the shops the people serving there just give you all this for FREE - I think that is why it is called Postage & PACKING. I mean I have ordered Collector's Edition DVD Sets and received them in a Brown Paper Envelope or alternatively ordered a Hardback book and had it wrapped in Brown paper & string - Needless to say both items were damaged in the post. Handling also take's time too and my time is just as important as anyone else's. If it take's half an hour to package something up and then another half an hour going to the Post Office, standing in a line and then posting the item that is what I call HANDLING. So remember: In the end ignore what other people think and do the job properly your end - If they are to stupid to understand the true nature of Postage, Packing and Handling costs at least you have done your best from your perspective and then can sit back and enjoy idiots adding moronic star ratings to your Seller's page under Postage & Packing because they were to thick to actually think about all these costs! 
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