Postage Problems:

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I am unable to talk about other Sellers on EBAY,but speaking for myself,after over TEN YEARS on EBAY,I am heartily sick of THE ROYAL MAIL, or also once leaving the UK, that Packages of all shapes and sizes 'go missing' in transit.

Overall, I have had around a dozen or so not arriving at the destination,but just ONE is too many.

The Buyers expect to receive their Item once paid for,and quite rightly so,but please Buyers,do not blame the Seller when the Item 'goes missing' in transit after Mailing the Item.I ask that prospective Buyers look at the Sellers feedback before leaving negative feedback,as in my case anyway,I have and can show the Buyer PROOF OF POSTAGE....but for some Buyers,even though I have in this last instance, Proof Of Postage, the Buyer then,after my offering her a REFUND, leaves me negative feedback?.

I have NEVER left negative feedback except when the service was dreadful,usually by the Sellers bad response to a legitimate complaint.

As a consequence I am now going to send EVERY Item Mailed in the UK Via Trackable Parcelforce,or Via Recorded Delivery.

All Items sent outwith the UK will,and must,be sent VIA "TO BE SIGNED FOR" Mail as I have lost,literally hundreds of GBPounds, in the last twelve months alone, when Items fail to arrive,and I have Proof Of Postage in all cases.

So now the Overseas Postage will be more than I charge at this time too.I am firmly of the opinion that some,a very few I hope?,order Items on EBAY, then report the Seller as the Item 'did not arrive'.

SOME BUYERS ARE FLEECING THE SELLERS BY SAYING THEY NEVER RECEIVED THE ITEM WHEN THEY REALLY DID.......OF THIS I AM CERTAIN IN A GOOD NUMBER OF MY ITEMS BEING MAILED.You can be certain after a while as experience tells you with the Buyer when emailing to inform the Seller of the 'non-arrival' of their Item.

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