Postage - Whats the best thing for me?

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 What should you do when getting you item sent to you?

 So you've bought your item and your about to have it sent. What do you do? Go for the cheep option? or the fastest? well there is one thing you should insist on.

Registered Delivery - Cheapest

This is the bare minimum you should go for... BE AWARE this means nothing. Although you have to get a signature this is not tracked at all by the post office so can still go missing. That being said, you have the protection of insurance if it does, but this is only 10x the postage cost so make sure its less than that.

Special Delivery - Middle of the Road

This is the better option. This is tracked at every point and is more likely to arrive unbroken and on time. You can also purchase increased insurance to cover the total cost just incase.

Courier Delivery - Expensive

This is the most expensive but is bar far the most reliable and fastest way of doing this. Tracked and insured.

You get what you pay for, just make sure you are covered when it comes to postage. Insist on recorded delivery as the minimum that you will except. And always use Paypal, then you have some come back.


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