Postage and packing that really includes ebay fees

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I had the pleasure of winning an auction for a book on very local history that had sentimental value too. Thinking that I was  lucky that the seller was only a couple of miles away and on a route that I took twice a day,  I emailed the seller and asked if I could pick up the book and pay cash on collection. This was acceptable to us both. Also,  I thought it would guarantee that I received the book, save on postage as I felt it somewhat high and of course save the seller the trouble of going to the post office. When I arived I was told that the payment for the book was insufficent and was handed a piece of paper with the break down of the additional charges. These charges included all ebay listing fees, pictures and all, also  the commission fees for selling the item plus a percentage of the total sale  was  her own fees. I always try to keep my shipping costs to a realistic price and more often than not, it is at cost. I believe that this is now, an across the board rule with almost all sellers .  I now definately look at the item and the amount I would consider to be a fair price to charge for shipping before I bid and I most certainly ask if there will be any hidden surprises should I collect an item. 
So if you think that postage costs are high ask the seller  before you buy what they include in their shipping fees.
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