Postage rate hiccup on multi-quantity listings

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Postage rates on Additional Items

I usually sell multi-quantity listings, and many of them are set up with postage rates for UK / Europe / World, Airmail / Tracked etc.
I have much reduced postage rates for additional items, as this normally costs less.

When quantity drops to One

A problem can occur when the quantity on the listing drops to one, and the additional item rates disappear.
When I go to edit the quantity back up (when more stock received etc), the postage rates often duplicate from the single item value into the additional item value. The system"forgets" my original additional item rates.
For example, if I charge 10.00 for Special Delivery and 0.00 for additional items by Special Delivery, after quantity has dropped to one and then been upped again, the rate lists as 10.00 and 10.00 for additional items.
This problem occurs with all rates specified.
Sometimes I don't notice this and I find out by accident ages later - but have probably lost sales over it.


Why Ebay doesn't retain the additional postage information properly, I don't know!
Just be careful when changing quantity, to check that your postage rates are as you expect them to be.
If editing an individual listing, having changed quantity click in a blank area and let the postage rates recalculate.
Then check the postage rates for single and additional items and edit if necessary.

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