Postage ripoff

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This is aimed mainly at those UK sellers that think France is another planet. I'm a Brit living in France and use ebay a lot both to buy and occasionally sell items. Some of you in the UK are taking the mick with your postal rates. An example, I recently bought a towbar kit for my car from a UK company and his delivery to France was £25. It took two people to carry this to my garage which shows how heavy it was. I saw an item on ebay, a sky digibox at a reasonable 'Buy it Now' price and when I enquired as to postage.........£45........Now that is theft. Other example is a quote of £12.99 to send me a small item, an SD card, which could have been put in an envelope with an airmail stamp for £1.25. Do you think we in France are stupid.  I buy most things from either USA Hong Kong or even Australia because not only are things cheaper but postage charges are honest. For example, did you know you can by a Nintendo DS lite from USA for £84  INC postage.

On a final note, I'm surprised at how many UK sellers will not post to France. C'mon guys, WWW means World Wide Web, that's why many of us buy online. What's the problem posting abroad, other countries do it quite successfully. Is it too much trouble writing France or Germany or Holland as the destination address.

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