Postal Charges - What do you need to Consider?!

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Now buyers can rate postal charges, I feel it is important for a buyer to know what you should consider when rating a particular seller's charges. Most buyers want to be fair. Some things to take into consideration are actual postal cost, cost of packing materials, package time,  how suitable the packaging is for the item, how the item would have needed to be posted and what the seller does if an item gets broken/lost in the post.  

Actual Postal Cost - Generally easy to judge - add up the stamps or look at the label. In some cases the cost isn't included, but you can check this out the website for the postal service in the country your seller posted it from.

Cost of Packing Materials - You need to include boxes, bubble wrap, tape, cost of paper/ink for the invoice slip if sent etc. These do add up.

Packing Time - Some items take longer to package than others. Most of mine take ages as they all need to be individually bubble wrapped., not to mention putting labels on, taping boxes up etc. However, some items just need to be picked off a shelf and put in a bubble wrap bag and labeled. I would expect a seller to charge less for postage if it takes hardly anytime to pack than an item that takes more time.

How suitable the packaging is for the item. - I have had ceramic items sent to me in a bubble wrap bag and amazingly arrive intact! If the packaging is unsuitable and the postal charges high, this is cause for complaint!

How the item had to be posted. - I spend hours going to and from the post office as the vast majority of my items are in boxes. Some sellers just have to walk round the corner to their post box and hence spend far less time.

Lost/Broken Item guarantees - I refund lost items and on production of a photo of a broken item, broken items. Hence I ensure my items are packaged well and my breakages are infrequent. A lot of seller have disclaimers (which if they are a business seller aren't legal) that state they won't refund for losses/breakages. It is important to consider this.

These aren't the only things to consider, but just a few pointers to help you make fair feedback decisions.

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