Postal Order Scam

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    With this recent spate of scams going around,, we must all be aware that not all ebayers are honest and law abiding. It astounds me that people will still fall for the same old tricks, if its too good to be true, it is not.

     Remember as you are covered from fraud if you have used your credit card ,paypal and the card company are jointly responsible until you recieve you goods

  1.    With postal orders they are nearly as untraceable as cash, if you are unsure of the seller email them, check feedback, if anything looks dodgey dont bid.
  2.     Look for accout inactivity with recent high end electronics, other scammers leave good feedback for them.
  3.     Try to keep yourself protected as best as possible,( beware that not transactions are covered) by paypal.

    We have all been there, its learning the easy way or a possible expesive hard way.

    Stay smart,



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