Postal Order Scam

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Sellers beware,

They have arrived, yes postal orders of the highest quality that look real, feel real but are totally fake.

Printing on the front is good, the back too, the 6 month expiry is even printed, but how do you tell.  The cash ammount changes from green to red if slightly wetted, the face on the watermark is a clear well defined face not a blurred facial image, the size is also different, the bar code on the back looks good but ask your post office clerk to scan the bar code for you before sending any items, the fake ones dont scan, when the number is input it is a genuine postal order but just been copied, the red watermank in the centre is a dark defined red not a light red,  also very good is the silver flecks on the left hand side, these are also really well faked and shouldnt be trusted.  If in doubt, take it to the post office and compare it with a blank genuine with your postmaster,  Hpe this helps someone.



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