Posting a Mannequin

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I have had several people asking me, 'what is the best way to pack a mannequin?' I hope this guide goes some way into answering that question and also to ensure that mannequins arrive at their destination undamaged!

Most mannequins that are sold on Ebay have long been in service and no longer have a suitable box in which to transport them. So what do you do? Follow these guidelines to solve the problem.

1. Get yourself a box!
Easier than it may sound - a suitable box size for a mannequin is very hard to find. Having searched high and low, I now get emergency boxes for mannequins from my local bike shop. A box for an adult bike is strong, has handles and will hold a mannequin easily.

2. Wrapping
I use bubble wrap for sending my mannequins out, fixed in place with packing tape and take extra care on the face and fingers by doubling or even tripling the amount of packaging around these areas. The last thing you want to do is damaged the face or fingers as these are both very noticeable and also difficult to fix. I also think it is a big shame to find a mannequin with a damaged face.

3. Putting in the box
I usually start by adding the legs, torso, arms and stand in that order, after firstly adding too much packing tape to ensure the bottom of the box will not fall out. Bike boxes are usually stapled at the bottom, which helps, but I always strenthen them with tape or even with glue. Once all ibody parts are added, ensure they don't wobble about by adding spare bits of cardboard or more bubble wrap. Then seal the box top with tape. I usually also run one line of tape right around the box in three places - again to hold the box together.

*** A note about the stands - if the peg will come off, then take it off and tape it to the bottom of the stand. I don't usually wrap metal stands, but definitely I would suggest you double wrap in bubble and cardboard any glass stand you send.

4. Labling
Lable the box 'FRAGILE', because believe me, it is very fragile.

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If you would like any more advice on mannequin care, assembly, or if you have a mannequin that needs restoration or for sale, please feel free to get in touch.

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