Posting fragile items

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When posting fragile items such as 78rpm shellac records  it is a good idea to pack the items in a box , with this  in another  box ! 

Shellac records should be packed tightly in taped cardboard and then packed in more cardboard or a "just fitting box " with crushed newspaper or bubble wrap or polystyrene chips  , this resultant package is then placed in a larger box with space all around , and again filled with newspaper , bubble or chips , this results in quite a large packet which may cost a lot to post BUT the records will arrive safely .

Don't ever pack shellac records in LP shippers they break in transit !!

In our expereince it isn't a good idea to put FRAGILE on fragile packets this just gives the Post Office worker ( who is bored by this menial job ) an opportunity to abuse the packet , ie throw it across the sorting office and shout to someone to catch it , believe me this happens !!

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