Posting to South Afrcia

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I just read a guide on ebay that compared South Africa to Nigeria. I take offence to that, considering the writer says he has never posted here. I have been on ebay for a few years now & have 100% positive feedback. I only use Paypal to pay, & it is me that has been done in by some sellers, not the other way around. I've lost in total around 700 pounds on ebay, from UK & US sellers, so I object to people generalising. If sellers sell to international destinations, & use Paypal, they are guarenteed their money, whereas people like me on the other hand, might not get what we bought. Items take longer to get here, so filing an item not received dispute is often delayed, then the seller says he'll resend the item, & when that still doesn't arrive, the deadline has closed to file a dispute. Please don't compare South Africa to Nigeria, as we feel the same way about their scams & illegal activities as you do. Insist on paypal only - you should know what an authetic paypal confirmation of payment looks like, & use registered mail so that you have proof the item was collected.
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