Posting without 'Signed For' or 'Tracking' options

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Need I say more...?

Posting as a seller without a 'signed for' or 'tracking' feature is is a definitely no-no.
...Paticularly, when you cannot trust the buyer. This guide will specifically allude to Royal Mail postal options.

For instance, you have sent an item without a 'signed for' or 'tracked' delivery option and the buyer may potentially claim they did not receive their item, when in fact they did receive the item. To explore this problem further, the following contains advisable information for the seller concerning, standard, signed for, tracked and special delivery options respectively.
  • STANDARD: You the seller has no security whatsoever when you post without 'signed for' or 'tracked' delivery options, so it is useful for you to have good instincts with a buyer. These 'instincts' should usually be based on the buyers 'feedback received as a buyer'. However, instincts alone are not guarantees. Standard postage is the cheapest postage option available (pricing varies with envelope/parcel size and 1st and 2nd class options).
  • SIGNED FOR: You have some security with the 'signed for' option albeit being a great, usually reliable and efficient delivery option. You the seller will know when someone has signed for the delivery by tracking the delivery as if you were the customer. In particular, Royal Mail online indicates when someone has signed for a delivery and shows an image of the signature that was given. This is all made easy when you retain your postage receipt or purchase 'signed for' delivery information online and keep a note of the barcode tracking information . Signed For postage is the second cheapest postage option available (pricing varies with envelope/parcel size and 1st and 2nd class options).
  • TRACKED: The Royal Mail 'tracked' delivery option is usually for items which are posted overseas (out of the UK). Though costly, this option is necessary when sending your item out of the UK. With the tracked option, you will usually have a 'signed for' option automatically added without having to worry about adding that as well. Pricing will vary by envelope/parcel size while, 1st and 2nd class does not apply.
  • Royal Mail Tracked 24/48: This delivery option includes tracking for items sent within the UK and overseas. Signatures are optional. If you do not send a large amount of items yearly (1000 + items), you will not be eligible to choose this delivery option. However, if you want a tracking feature it is advisable that you choose the following delivery option mentioned here.
  • SPECIAL DELIVERY: Last but by no means whatsoever the least, Royal Mail Special Delivery is a yes-yes! Well, usually. When the item you're sending is expensive (worth £50 or more) and you need peace of mind with sending your item, it is advisable that you choose this option. You can also choose this option, when the item is less than £20, though this would be inadvisable as it is not cost effective when used this way. Special Delivery has both 'tracked' and 'signed for' inclusive. Pricing will vary by envelope/parcel size while, 1st and 2nd class does not apply. Special Delivery is automatically regarded higher than 1st class, let alone 2nd class and aims to deliver within 1 working day or your money back. This option is only available when posting within the UK. Due to this delivery option being the most costly, (within the UK) it is unlikely that you will have a problem with this option (security speaking) as Royal Mail do not want to be held responsible for any wrongdoing with this option. Therefore, it is almost certain (99.9%) that your customer will receive their order and by 1:00pm or earlier, depending on your special delivery time choice.

In a nut shell standard postage is a basic delivery option and you must trust the buyer (to some extent) at least, before sending an item this way.
Signed for postage is generally the best choice of delivery and cost effective as you are ensuring that a signature is taken before the item is received.
Tracked postage is not always necessary and does not need to be regarded unless you are posting an item overseas. It is not advisable to send an item overseas without tracking as there is no security.  
Royal Mail tracked 24/48 is not to be regarded unless you are intending on posting 1000s of items yearly.
As good as special delivery seems it is not always the best choice as mentioned earlier: it is costly and not always advisable for items under £20. When this is the case 'signed for' delivery is the best option. Undoubtedly special delivery is the best delivery option for items which are worth £50 and over.

This guide was made with Royal Mail delivery features in mind only.
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