Potential E Bay Scammers

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I am very new to selling on E-Bay and although my first item is still for sale, would like to warn people of a scam from other area, i.e. e-mail forwarded from magazine advert. Being new to E-Bay not sure whether or not it is known or used already on E-Bay.  However, the scam I got states that they will pay asking price no problem and will pay by Bankers Draft and include an amount for "Shipping Fees".  When Bankers Draft has cleared, you are then expected to forward an amount to the "Shippers". Having checked this out, found loads of other people who had been exposed to the scam - Bankers Draft does clear and you send Shipping Fees out, but on the day it clears it shows up at your Bank as being fraudulent Draft and is forwarded back to original Bank leaving you out of pocket for Shipping Fees and minus item you were selling!!!  I'm now trying to amend my item for sale so that it is Cash Only, with valid Passport ID and checked at bank for dud notes prior to letting my item go!  
Hope this is of use to someone who might have had an enquiry/e-mail along the same lines either via E-Bay or magazine advert.
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