Potty Training for Toddlers

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Sticker chart we used

Getting started.....

Being a father of a toddler is amazing but it does throw up some challenges. One of them is potty training. 

When Bzzagent asked if I could write a guide for eBay I though this was certainly a topic that I was an expert in. Here is the story of how I potty trained my two year old son. It contains tips which might help you when you are ready with the dreaded toilet training! 

My partner and I decided to start to train my son when he reached his second birthday. Many people have their opinions and told us that two was too young, or boys take longer than girls etc. But at the end of the day you are the child's parents and if you think they are ready and displaying signs why not have a go. 

Our son was displaying a variety of signs which made us think about starting to train. They included: 
1. Staying dry for a longer period of time
2. Telling us he had done a 'poo' or 'wee'
3. Interested in the toilet and when we were going. 
4. Knowing he was about to do a poo/wee

We thought we would give it a go and if he didn't take to it after a week we would stop and reintroduce it again at a later date. 

We started off by buying a potty and getting our son used to sitting on it. We played games and used his favourite teddy bears as props to explain what the potty was used for. 

After a week of this we removed the nappy and placed our son on the potty with a couple of toys. He played happily and after about 2 days of this he eventually did a wee on the potty of his own accord. 

It is important to praise your child and ensure they know you are happy that they have done a wee on the potty. If they have an accident remain calm and just firmly say 'wee goes in the potty'. I always said it's ok and don't worry but next time let's try to do it on the potty. 

We decided to do a sticker chart for our son so he got a reward for using the potty. As you can see  above there are five stickers and after he received all five he got a chocolate button. 

This worked fantastically well as he loved the praise and earning a sticker. After a week of doing this he was going at least a morning or afternoon completely dry. It is difficult if you need to go out as there are so many distractions but we decided after a week or so to try and go on short distances. 

The he first attempt was to the corner shop and back. He was dry. The following day I went to the supermarket and was out at least an hour. He was dry again. I think what helped him was the fact we brought his favourite character pants and he really didn't want to spoil them. 

The final hurdle we had to overcome was pooing on the potty. Many children feel really uneasy about doing this but with lots of praise and the sticker chart our son took to it at ease. 

Remember to to look for the signs: is your child ready? Have patience and encouragement is the key. 



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