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What is the purpose of a poultry saddle, and will it protect my birds?
A poultry saddle is a safe method of protecting your birds. If you have a very active cockerel, he can cause a severe amount of damage over the breeding season.Over the years of breeding i have always used poultry saddles to protect my birds. In the early years, i have lost birds through damage and infection, so i feel these are a worthwhile investment to any breeder.
Our saddles have been made and altered to fit perfectly and have been tested over many years to obtain a great protective product.
All our saddles are made by myself, and are to the highest quality, made of waterproof canvas with a strong cording to aid the cockerel to keep a grip.
We also now make an added protection, with our saddle, which has wing or side guards or both. These are extremely good for the large heavy fowl, as they tend to slide and cause a lot of damage to the hens sides.
All our saddles have adjustable wing straps so these can be altered for the perfect fit.
Sizes range from the very smallest xs for true bantams up to XL for Large Fowl.
Fitting instructions will be sent with each saddles, and we also have a very detailed page of images, step by step, to fit your saddle if you are still unsure.
Defra recommend the fitting of poultry saddles in the breeding season,section 47.
We also sell our saddles wholesale, so just ask for details, mail us at, sales@orpingtonsuk.com

If you have any questions or are unsure about fitting feel free to ask us. You can find us at orpingtonsuk.com

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