Power Hooping

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Powerhooping is a great way to lose inches around your waist. Not to be confused with normal hoops, power hoops have little ridges around the inside which according to the powerhoop website create pulsing contractions which tone your tum. You can choose from the original hoop, the deluxe hoop and the slim hoop.
Powerhoop Original - is a 3lb hoop and great for those people who might bruise easy or are sensitive or weigh less than 60kg.
Powerhoop Deluxe - is a 3.5lb hoop which can be increased by inserting additional weights up to 4.2lbs. The deluxe has a hard plastic outer making it more durable.
Powerhoop Slim - is a non wavy, padded hoop to provide extra protection against discomfort.

Hooping is a fun, fast way to keep fit and toned. There are lots of classes all around the UK. Or you can get hooping dvd's or watch youtube videos from the comfort of your own home. 

The first couple of times you hoop you may end up with bruises but these soon go away and your tummy gets used to the sensation of the hoop spinning around. As you gain confidence you can start moving around and doing dance moves with your hoop.

Powerhooping gives you the chance to have fun and get fit at the same time.

Happy Hooping
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