Power Supply Units for Replacement Parts and Tools

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The Complete Guide to Power Supply Units for Replacement Parts and Tools

Game consoles need a constant and reliable power source to run properly. However, the power supply unit is liable to wear out over time or stop working. Some power supply units are external and can be replaced easily. Others are built into the machine and require the console to be dismantled before the unit can be replaced. Although these consoles can be taken to a technical repair specialist, this can be an expensive process. It can also leave the gamer without a console for an extended period of time. To save money and shorten the amount of time needed for the repair process, buyers should consider purchasing and replacing the power supply unit at home.

Power supply units are readily available for nearly all game consoles, especially for more recent versions. Begin shopping by selecting units for a specific platform and model. In some cases, such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, multiple models of the same platform have been released and each one requires a different power supply. For this reason, it is important to choose the correct product to ensure that it can be installed and used properly.

Power supply units are available from video game retailers in bricks and mortar shops, as well as online. Some websites even specialise in replacement parts and accessories for game consoles. Marketplaces like eBay also have a high number of listings for both new and used power supply units. Find the necessary items to restore a console to proper working order and get back to gaming.

Types of Power Supply Units

Power supply units are designed for specific game consoles and are created by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In many cases, these items are external AC adapters. Although it is possible to replace an AC adapter with a compatible part, it is is always best to choose products from the OEM for the best results. Learn more about internal and external power supply units before shopping.

Internal Power Supply Units

Some game consoles have their power supply units built directly into the machine. This makes the unit more difficult to replace, as the console must be taken apart. As with any accessory or component, it is important to choose compatible products. If a console has been released in more than one version, it is necessary to choose a power supply unit for each model individually. The only seventh generation game console with a built-in power supply is PlayStation 3.

Sony PlayStation 3 Power Supply Units

There are two models available for the PlayStation 3,, including the original and slim consoles. The easiest way to tell them apart is by their size and finish. The original model has a black gloss finish and is 9.3 centimetres thick, while the slim model has a black matte finish and is only 6.3 centimetres thick. Each of these uses a different power supply unit, so choose those labelled for the original or slim model.

External Power Supply Units

Most consoles use an external power supply unit in the form of an AC adapter,, as it allows the console to be smaller. It also makes replacing the power supply unit a quick and easy process. Learn about the adapter types for the Xbox 360, Wii, and seventh generation handheld consoles to find the necessary products.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Power Supply Units

There are four AC adapters designed for use with Xbox 360s,, including 203W,, 175W,, 150W,, and 135W units. These units are not designed to be interchangeable; Microsoft has built its AC adapter plugs in a way that they cannot be plugged into incompatible models physically. This means that the Xbox 360 S models are the only ones that can use the 135W adapters; Core,, Arcade,, Elite,, and Pro models have their own power supply units. So, is important to determine which unit is needed to avoid unnecessary product returns.

Nintendo Wii Power Supply Units

Nintendo Wii has been released in multiple versions, each with slightly redesigned interior components. However, they all use the same AC adapter..

Nintendo DS and PSP Power Supply Units

Handheld game consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita have a rechargeable internal battery. The consoles connect to a mains socket via a small AC adapter. Many of these consoles require a different AC adapter for each model released. For example, the DS Lite uses a different adapter than the unit for the DSi XL.. Similarly, the PSP 3000 requires a different adapter than the PSP 1000 model.

Factors to Consider When Buying External Power Supply Units

Although replacing the external power supply unit in the form of an AC adapter on a console is significantly easier than replacing an internal unit, there are still a few factors to bear in mind to avoid potential damage to the console. Consider the power rating of the unit as well as the brand in order to choose suitable products.

Ratings for Wattage and Voltage Output

All power supply units are designed to supply a specific amount of power to the console. It is important to check the wattage and voltage ratings of a unit before making a purchase to ensure that it is compatible. Otherwise, the power supply unit cannot charge the console properly and may cause irreparable damage. Power supply units should list their wattage and voltage on the packaging clearly. Look for this information in the product description or on a specification sheet when buying online.

OEM vs. Third Party Power Supply Units

It is also important to determine the manufacturer of a power supply unit. This not only affects the cost, but safety and performance. Power supply units may be produced by the OEM or a third party. OEM products are often designed for use with a single model and are labelled clearly. Third parties, on the other hand, produce compatible items. Sometimes these can be used for more than one console. Although third party units can be convenient and also less expensive than those from the OEM, they tend to be much less reliable. They may not fit the console properly or they may have the wrong power rating. Choose products from the OEM whenever possible to ensure compatibility and to avoid potential damage to the console.


Power supply units for game consoles occasionally stop working. When buying replacement parts, it is important to choose items that are compatible with the console to reduce the chance of damage to the machine. Some consoles, such as the PlayStation 3, have a built-in power supply. This means that the console must be dismantled to access and replace the part. There are two different power supply units for the PlayStation 3, including one for the original model and one for the slim version.

Other consoles use an external power supply unit in the form of an AC adapter. This can be a direct power source, or it can be used to recharge a built-in battery, as is the case with handheld game consoles. Xbox 360 uses a different power supply unit for each of the five models released, including the Core, Arcade, Elite, Pro, and S consoles. Nintendo Wii uses a single AC adapter for all versions of the console.

OEMs produce replacement power supply units for their consoles. These items are well made and designed for the specific power levels of each console. Many compatible third party items are also available. These are less expensive than units from the OEM, although they are also less reliable. Choose these products carefully by examining the voltage and wattage ratings. Replacement power supply units for gaming consoles can be purchased on eBay. Consider all of the options to find the best units that can restore a console to full working order.

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