Powerful Carpet Washer ~ Vax Rapide Ultra 2 Great Value

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Upon receiving my brand new Vax Rapide Ultra 2, I became very excited as I am the epitome of this Carpet Cleaner’s reason, having three Children, a Dog and a cream carpet.
Previously having no easy way to clean my carpets, the cream mid-pile carpet had flattened and turned a mottled shade of brown especially on the through routes from Hall to Living room and those from the Utility to the Dining room.  I had stains on the floor from where Coffee and Cola had spilled in awkward places and had desperately tried to soak it up with old towels over the years.
The Vax Rapide’s box is not of a wasteful size; all supplementary tools are tucked in convenient spaces so as to fill the box.
The Carpet Cleaner itself is quite heavy to lift, yet upon using, is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre.  To fill with Vax detergent and tepid water was simple with uncomplicated instructions and with the use of a measuring jug and spoons and a funnel, the tank filled without spillage or complication.
I used the pre-treatment wand and solution on the ground in stains, this solution only has to remain on the Carpet for 10-15 minutes before continuing with the Main Clean, leaving sufficient time to thoroughly rinse the tank and refill with the correct ratio of the main cleaning solution.
As mentioned before, the unit is almost effortless to push and pull despite myself having back and walking problems.  The mechanism to disperse the fluid is a cinch to master and upon releasing the button and pulling back seeing the dirt filled water being sucked up was wonderfully satisfying. 
Immediately after what felt like a deep clean, I felt the carpet with my hand; it was damp, but not wet.  After three quarters of an hour the carpet was dry to the touch and visibly cleaner, I took the ‘after’ photographs the next morning, so even if the cleaning solution contained an optical brightener the true benefits could be seen.  Comparing my before and after photos, in the same light shows a dramatic change in colour, brightness and texture.
Overall, I found the Vax Rapide Ultra 2 to be fit for its purpose, efficient for removal of tough, long term stains and child’s play to perfect.  I would thoroughly recommend this pleasing Carpet Cleaning device to anyone who wants or needs an affordable fix to care for their Carpets.
It does what it says on the box.
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