Pram Features Explained

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There are many varieties of prams available in the market. A new parent specially will find it very confusing to settle for the best pram for his / her baby that is capable of covering all the needs and is affordable too. Here are some features worth major consideration when choosing a pram:

Fixed or swivel wheels

If you are living in an area where e.g. there is frequent snowfall and the road is always pitched in snow or simply there is lots of rough terrain, then the ideal pram for your baby will be the one with fixed wheels and a broad base. These wheels can easily move on different sorts of the terrain. Due to great kind of suspension technique, the fixed wheels can give a smooth ride without bouncing the baby. These wheels are more traditional in appearance. The prams with fixed wheel are more reliable and can even be used for your next baby.

Swivel wheels are excellent invention of the modern 'pram fashion'. They can move and turn easily in small spaces and can be easily taken to small shops and narrow streets. An enhanced safety feature in most of the prams is the option to lock the swivel wheels. Downside of those wheels is that they can go off side occasionally.

Foam wheels or Air tyres

Mostly is the matter of personal aesthetic preferences what types of wheels you choose. You can either go for foam wheels or air tires but if you are concerned about the weight of the pram, choose foam wheels as they are rather than air tyres. However air tires have an added functionality to handle every kind of terrain much easily.

Reversible seat unit

This unit makes it possible to rotate the baby's seat either facing you or away from you. According to a recent research, babies when small find it quite stressful and disturbing to face the traffic. Hence parents can rotate the seat to face the child towards them to soothe the feeling and to make the bond between them stronger but as the years roll on; they love exploring the world and want to face it.

Shopping/Storage basket

Almost all prams have these underneath the seat unit and they come in a variety of sizes and even shapes (all depends how much you are going to carry around with you and also how much shopping, when using the pram, you are going to do). An important aspect is to ensure if the basket is easily accessible when the seat unit is in a flat position (you wouldn't like to wake up your baby just to get something out of the basket).


Parents should try to find a brake that is quick enough to be applied under any circumstances. One of the best options is a central brake that blocks both rear wheels altogether.

Adjustable handle

That is another feature that previous generations of the parents have to do without. It gives the option of adjusting the handle accordingly to the parent's height, so especially those couples that remarkably differ in height, should look for this feature in pram.


If you do not want your baby to bounce all the time or have a bumpy ride when in a pram, make sure your pram have an adjustable suspension that allows it to be tuned in with a terrain you are using.

Reclining positions

They are positions in which your baby is placed in the pram. They are essential for the comfort of the baby. Flat position is essential for newborns, as their fragile backs can not be restrained in any other positions for too long.
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