Pre Wash/TFR/Snow Foams

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Q. What is a pre wash Cleaner?

When using just water to rinse vehicles often the dirt and grime that your vehicle picks up on its travels can be too heavy for the hose/pressure washer to get off. Traffic film remover is designed to remove dirt from the vehicle effortlessly, stripping them from all dirt and grime.

This is the most important stage of the washing process for freeing up and removing dust, dirt and grime. In my opinion the main aim is to remove as much dirt/grime as possible without physically touching the bodywork with any wash mitts/tools. 

This process will lower the chances of inflicting scratches to the clear coat once the majority of grime has been safely removed. 

Never apply any Snow foam/Pre wash to hot panels.
Before using a pre wash, make sure the bodywork is cool to the touch, if not, move to a shaded/cooler area and wait for panels to cool before proceeding.


A Pre Wash will effectivly remove contaminants such as:
  • Tar
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Bitumen
  • Cement Dust
  • Fuel
  • Dried Mud
  • Brake Dust

Different types of Pre Wash:

TFR - Traffic Film Remover is the commercial name for vehicle cleaning detergents.
Traffic film removers are designed to remove a large amount of dirt and chemicals from a vehicle which means that there is a high concentrate of chemicals that could potentially damage your vehicle, but if used correctly with the right dilution and on an appropriate vehicle you will not have any issues. 

Snow Foam is designed to create a thick blanket of foam when used through a foaming device.The advantage of foam is that it can be applied to the vehicle and left to dwell for a prolonged cleaning effect. Dirt and grime is encapsulated and then rinsed off.

Degreaser is a chemical product that dissolves water-insoluble substances (such as greases and oils) from hard surfaces.

Pre wash cleaners split into two types:
Caustic - Capable of destroying something by chemical action.
Non-Caustic -  A substance that does not burn, corrode, or destroy through chemical action.

Below are a few examples of a snow foam pre wash.
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