Precious Gemstone Buying Guide

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Buying precious gemstones online can be a bit of a minefield as you can never be truly sure what you are getting until you receive the item through the post. I have created this guide to give you a little bit of information about five of the main precious gemstones.

Most precious gemstones are valued on the 4 c's (cut, clarity, carat and colour). These can have a huge impact on the value of the stone and obviously the bigger, clearer and best colour stones are going to attract a large price tag.  If your budget is up to about £250 then you are not going to get a big, perfect stone, you will get a smaller stone (carat) that has a decent colour and a few inclusions (clarity). 

Always check the sellers description to see if the stone is natural or if it is man-made. Man-made or synthetic stones are a lot cheaper to buy than natural stones and usually have a better colour and less imperfections than a similar priced natural stone. I would always advise buying jewellery that has natural stones as each stone has it's own unique characteristics and makes the piece that little bit more special.

The first stone I am going to look at is the Amethyst. This stone is sometimes referred to as a semi-precious stone but I feel that a good quality Amethyst is worthy of being called a precious stone. Amethyst is a purple stone that is part of the quartz family and the colour that ranges from light lavender to an intense purple. The most desirable Amethyst's come from Siberia because they have a beautiful deep purple colour. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February and in the right setting can be an eye catching piece.

The Emerald has been a desired gemstone for hundreds of years and is still highly desirable today. They are part of the Beryl family and possess a beautiful green colour. Cheaper Emeralds will have a lighter green colour as well as visible inclusions, many of the Emeralds we sell have inclusions that have a slight pink colour to them. All natural Emeralds will have inclusions but in higher quality stones they are less noticeable but this is reflected in the price. The most desirable stones come from Columbia  but Brazil and Zambia also produce very nice stones. Emeralds are also the birthstone for May.

Rubies and Sapphires both come from the same family and have been prized for their beauty for many centuries. As they both come from the corundum family, they both share similar properties and they are found in many countries but the most desirable source is Myanmar (formerly Burma) but Thai Rubies and Sapphires from Kashmir are also very popular as are stones from Tanzania. The main difference between the two stones is obviously colour, Rubies can range from a pinky red to a deep red (this is known a pigeon blood red) lower value stones are in general more of a pinky red. Sapphires come in a range of colours but the two most popular are blue and pink, lower value blue Sapphires can look almost black. A good jeweller will always try and get the best stone for the money, which is why we only have a small selection of Sapphire jewellery. Both of these stones are also used as birthstones with Ruby being for July and Sapphire for September. 

The final stone I am going to look at is Tanzanite, which as the name says is from Tanzania which has some of the best gemstone deposits on earth. Tanzanite has become a popular stone in recent years (it was only discovered in 1967) and because it is only found it one place, it is also a very rare stone. The colour of Tanzanite can range from lilac to a deep almost Sapphire blue and the darker the colour, the more desirable the stone. Much of the cheaper Tanzanite jewellery available in the UK will have a light blue stone and it is generally set in White Gold. It is also the birthstone for December.

I hope that has given you a small insight into gemstone jewellery and as I said earlier in the post, much of cheaper gemstone jewellery will use smaller, lower quality stones as good stones can have price tags in the tens to hundreds of thousands but every stone is beautiful in its own way.

Please check out our eBay store for some stunning gemstone jewellery.
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