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This guide refers to Custom Themed & Premium HTML Listing Templates purchased via eBay available here.
Watch the Introduction to Template Tool Video Tutorial at www dot templatetool dot com
INITIAL SETUP PROCESS (Standard £0.99 Templates)
Once you've completed your purchase it may take up to 12hrs for your free account to be activated and you will be sent details on how to access and edit your purchased template once your account has been activated. For all other information on how to use purchased templates with your eBay items please refer to this guide.
INITIAL SETUP PROCESS (Custom Themed £9.99 Template. Designed for You)
Once you've completed your purchase, we'll contact you shortly after to discuss the custom requirements for your template. This will include deciding on a Suitable Theme for your template, customising both the Header & Footer Images to match your theme and adding your Store Logo if desired. Once our designer has completed your custom theme (usually within 24hrs) we'll send you a proof sample of what your theme will look like. Once approved by you, we'll provide you with details on how to start using your Custom Template completely free of charge and subscription free.
Once your account has been activated you will be sent the login credentials for your new account.
1. Go to www dot templatetool dot com or simply search "Template Tool" at Google.
2. Once you arrive at the Template Tool website, Click "Login" at the top right hand side of the page.
3. Enter your email address (this will be the same email address as you use to access your eBay account)
4. Enter your password (this would have been sent to you via eBay Messages)

5. Click the "Listings" tab at the top right hand side of the page from inside the admin panel.

6. You should now be able to see your purchased template ready and waiting for you.
7. Click on the template to access the editor.
The default template will load for you. From here you can customize the item details for the listing to suit your specific needs.

8. Enter a "Title" for the product or item that you have or intend to list.

9. Enter a "Subtitle" for the product or item that you have or intend to list.
10. Enter a "Currency Symbol" (£, $ for example). This would usually be the default currency on the eBay site where you intend to list your item for sale.
11. Enter a "Price" for the item which you are selling. If the template is to be used for an auction consider entering the starting price instead.
12. Use the "Shipping Information" field to add standard shipping information such as "Free Shipping" or the actual "Shipping Cost". If the template is to be used for an auction, use this field to enter the words "Starting Price" instead.

HINT. After making any changes use the "Refresh" button to review your changes before saving. Once you are happy with your changes remember to click "Save Changes" before leaving the page as any unsaved changes will be otherwise lost.

13. Moving onto the "Description" view tab, use the built in editor to specify a description for the item you are selling.

14. Moving onto the "Extra Content" view tab, again as before use the built in editor to add additional details such as your Customer Service information etc.
HINT. This is a required field. You must add at least some content here.


15. Moving onto the "Branding/Logo's" view tab, from here you can upload your own custom banners, for example, your own logo or store branding. You can also edit the Header Content text, which allows you to add a personal message or phone number inside the header of your listing.

16. Moving onto the "Images" view tab, from here you can upload up to nine high quality images each with built in javascript for a scroll over effect.
HINT. This feature is allows you to insert images into your eBay template itself and has nothing to do with the twelve images you can upload to eBay when listing to your item. In effect, when combined you can potentially use up to 21 different images for your listing. (12 with eBay, 9 with Template Tool).

17. Moving onto the "Suggestions" view tab, this is a unique and superb cross promotion tool allowing you to promote similar or additional items with ease. To add a suggested product, simply enter the eBay item number for the product that you would like to add as a suggested product and Template Tool will automatically add the item as a suggested product to your listing including linking it directly to the product on the eBay website.

USING ITEM SPECIFICS (Premium users only)

18. Moving onto the "Specifics" view tab, this is an advanced feature allowing you to specify item specifics when Bulk Uploading via CSV to eBay File Exchange.
HINT. Access to this feature is restricted to Premium users only. Should you require the use of this feature specifically, please consider upgrading your account.

19. Click back through the previous tabs to review the information you've entered and once your happy that everything is correct, click "Save Changes". Once your ready to export the HTML Code, click "Get Code" and then simply copy and paste the HTML Code into your eBay listing description inside the eBay listing form provided by the eBay website.
HINT. Remember to change the default description type from "Standard" to "HTML" before pasting in your generated HTML code.
Purchasing a Premium HTML Template via eBay is an easy, quick and cost effective way of listing items for sale in an attractive way which is almost guaranteed to increase customer interest and also potentially lead to increased sales however as a single non recurring payment, there are certain restrictions with your free account.
Only two templates per account.
You can of course use, edit and re-use your template as many times as you wish indefinitely. However you are only allowed to generate HTML Code for two listings per account. If you have multiple items to sell, you will need to edit your existing template each time. If you have purchased more than two templates, separate accounts (separate email addresses) will be required. Should you require the use of creating and maintaining multiple templates inside your Template Tool account, please consider upgrading your account.
Non exclusive right to template images.
Purchasing a Premium HTML Listing Template gives you a non exclusive right to use the images provided within. Other users who may have purchased the same template will also be able to use these same images. Should you require the use of adding custom banners, branding or logo's to your template, please consider upgrading your account.

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