Premium Lay Z Spa 2012 Review + Packing away

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In May this year I picked up the second Lay Z Spa that I have owned, a Premium Lay Z Spa < (pic above from their website). This is the cheaper model of the two, the main difference being that the more expensive one is bigger. I was a little apprehensive after my older model had a few problems with the pump however I was assured that they have made a number of improvements to the design in this years model, not only to the pump and filter housing unit but also to the overall design of the liner and cover. 

They were right... it has been great so far.  I really like the shape and colours of this years model, it looks great in my garden and I have had no reliability issues at all so far. It is pretty big you can easily fit 4-6 people in it no problem. With this model I have kept mine in a gazebo in the garden to keep it covered and also I can leave it out for a bit longer into Winter. Apparently you do have to be careful not to let the water in the hot tub freeze otherwise it can break the pump so they say to take it in when the outside temp drops below 4 degrees.At one point I did have to call the lay z spa customer service team to ask about advice for putting it away and they were helpful and based in England ( it always a nice change to not hear a foreign accent on the end of a helpline!). 

I thought I would share the advice that they emailed me about packing away the lay z spa:

1.  Please remember to remove the filter cartridge before putting the spa pump away.  A dirty filter cartridge can put extra strain on the pump and increase the heating time.

2. Please remember to backwash the spa pump unit before putting away for the winter.  To backwash the pump, first remove the filter cartridge and then put a hose into pipe B on the pump/heater, so the water flows into ‘B’ and out of ‘C’.  Then do the same from ‘C’ to ‘B’.  You must run the water through the hoses for approximately 5 minutes.

3. Please remember to dry all parts of the spa thoroughly before putting away for winter.  If not done it can cause problems when you next take it out.

4. Please note you can use the spa pump unit and inflation hose, to dry areas of the spa.

5. When cleaning the inflatable spa liner, lid and cover set, we would recommend using a light chlorinated warm water non abrasive cleaning solution, will help remove any stains caused by humidity and general ambiance moisture.

6. All spa equipment should be stored in conditions where the temperature is no lower than 4C.  Storing in conditions colder than this can cause problems/ extra strain to the equipment.

All in all we have had a lot of enjoyment out of our lay z spa and you can't really go wrong for the price compared to a normal hot tub. Good purchase, happy customer. 
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