Preserving and collecting older or MohairTeddy Bears...

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An arctophile is a person who collects bears, from the greek words 'arcto' meaning bear, 'philos' meaning lover. 

Older or antique teddy bears can be very appealing to the collector. But they can be very fragile. Because of there value the greatest of care is needed to keep them in good condition.

Buying new mohair collectable bears is not without its responsibility either, they are made from fabrics and components that need to be cared for if they are to last. The modern day industry manufactured and artists bears are your future heirlooms.

Points to consider are:

• Keep your bears in a dry clean environment.

• Keep them away or even better out of direct sunlight,this can cause bleaching and rotting.

• Because of the sensitive nature of the fabrics and sometimes the metal componants used in the manufacturing process it is advisable not to emerse collectable bears in water, this can cause possible shrinkage, distortion and staining from rust.

• Direct heat can be a problem too especially depending on the age of the bear, Some fabrics can over a long period of time be broken down by heat exposure. Such as sitting on radiators.

• Moths are very harmful to teddy bears, especially if they are made from mohair or wool fabrics.

• The use of lavender as a natural moth repellant is a good   idea.
• Try to refrain from handling them too much as vintage bears are especially fragile.

Bears can look great anywhere, Just give them a little care, time and condsider there lasting value ...


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