Prevent DVT, avoid deep vein thrombosis

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Help to prevent DVT

Deep vein thrombosis can occur in the large veins that run deep within the calf muscle in the lower leg.  The use of this exercise cushion can help to reduce the risk of DVT or e-thrombosis by helping to keep the circulation in these veins more active in situations where otherwise it might stagnate: long haul flights, sitting at a desk for long periods and for elderly and less mobile people.

The simple range of exercises, including those shown in the short video here, using the anti DVT cushion really do help to keep the blood flowing and can be a useful contributor to helping to avoid deed vein thrombosis.

Fully portable in your pocket or a small bag, it is very easy to inflate, use and deflate.

The anti DVT cushion provides resistance exercises to help encourage blood flow in the lower legs.

So, whilst a resistance exercise cushion like this one isn't a miracle prevention or miracle cure for DVT (deep vein thrombosis), it can - with regular and intensive use - make an important contribution to help your efforts to combat and prevent the condition.

Because it is so small and easy to use, you really can take it with you almost anywhere.  As well as using it at home, it can be used on flights (in fact the idea came from an Airline Pilot), on coach journeys, in the cinema, at the bingo etc.
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