Preventing Parking Accidents Pt2 - Sensor Technologies?

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In Part 1 we discussed how a simple technology can help you completely prevent vehicle bumps, scrapes and tragic accidents by helping you park and reverse safely and in total confidence. This technology is a Parking Sensor, a simple in concept but so effective at preventing accidents. In essence this simple device when fitted to your vehicle will monitor and alert you to all objects that are within the recommended proximity to the rear of your vehicle, when you select reverse gear.

Parking Sensors also known as parking aids, reverse sensors or back up sensors are the answer to your parking and reversing nightmares.

There are 2 types of technology available, with 2 basic designs on offer.

The most common technology is ultra-sonic that typically uses 4 or 6 sensors to emit and receive a signal, detecting all objects that enter this ultra-sonic field. You may haveseen these sensors fitted in the rear bumpers of cars; they tend to stick out quite a bit and can look pretty ugly if not painted to match your bumper colour.

Next is the Electro-magnetic technology that is typically used by the elite car manufacturers and offers a unique design that discretely mounts preserving the 'new factory
look' of your vehicle, so only you will know it is fitted.

Totally unique in design, the electro-magnetic sensor is known as a superior alternative technology to the older Ultra-sonic type sensors that require you to drill 4 or 6
holes in your bumper, before mounting the ugly black sensors that then need painting to colour code and match the shade of your bumper.

So which is the best technology in design, reliability and performance?

Ultra sonic technology is the older of the 2 technologies and having 4 or 6 visible and exposed sensors does in reality need regular maintenance and cleaning. This technology can be hit and miss if not maintained so if you like your bumper lines to remain as new and you wish to keep as much resale value in the vehicle as possible then it makes perfect sense to use a technology that is hidden from view and totally discrete when fitted.

As many accidents occur because you can't see the very corners of your car and how far the edge of the bumpers stick out from the rest of the body, you need this area
protected, the electro-magnetic design allows for this, as the antenna covers the entire length of the bumper, in this test the ultra-sonic type do under perform slightly and
cannot pick up objects at the very corners.

So that's a brief introduction into parking sensors and the technologies used. Find out more about the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Reverse Sensor

In Part 3 we'll discuss parallel parking in busy towns and city streets.

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