Preventing Parking Accidents Pt5 - 4 Eyes Required?

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When do you really need at least 4 eyes in a parking situation?

Anytime you are leaving the cinema, a theatre, concert, sporting event, school play or a community meeting. In other words, anytime you attend some a function that
everyone leaves at the same time. The parking lot at this time is a madhouse. People and cars are everywhere. If there are children in attendance, they are running around and playing between cars while their parents are trying to get them into the family car.

Adults are saying their goodbye's to their friends or chatting while standing precariously in and around the parked cars. Their attention couldn't be further from the
cars that are trying to get out of the lot. In this situation when reversing you could ideally use at least 4 eyes. You need to look in front of your car, directly behind your car, to the left and to the right of your car watching out for moving pedestrians and vehicles leaving.

You also have to look out for other cars at both a left and right angle behind your car that are usually going in both directions up and down the rows because you can find a safe time to back out into the exit lane. So is it 4 or even 6 eyes?

Of course your passengers can help you, but do you really trust them to see everything? Are you willing to risk an accident on their say so? Most people are not willing to
blindly follow someone else's directions when backing out into this kind of mayhem, and shouldn't.

A parking sensor can provide the necessary warning if someone or something moves into your close proximity when you are looking in another direction.
Discover how a parking sensor can prevent this kind of accident from happening, click here Parking Reverse Sensor

In Part 6 we'll discuss how to prevent common injuries.

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